Water saving products

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Water saving product distribution

water savingWater conservation is continuously becoming a growing issue especially as the world's population increases! Did you know that 71% of European households would like to decrease their water consumption, but they just don't know how? You as a retailer can provide the solution for this need by listing water saving product into your product portfolio.

We specialize in importing water saving products from inside and outside of the EU. As a wholesaler of water saving products like aerators and shower heads, you can order a wide range of water saving products from one place.


Here are 5 reasons to choose us:

  • Great wholesale prices
  • Wide range of water saving products from 1 place
  • No VAT if you order from the EU
  • Hassle free order - We take care of the importing part
  • Sales support - Product information, pictures

Most popular products

Theft proof aerator ring (M24)

Prevent theft with this theft proof aerator! The aerator comes with a double metal ring that can only be installed and removed with a special key. Package includes: theft proof metal aerator ring (M24-male thread), special key.

Water saving aerator (3liters/minute)

Replace the inner part of the aerator to maximize water savings. The 3 liters / minute aerator is easy to install and long lasting. Recommended for the toilet and bathroom sink! Type: spray water stream. Package includes a rubber sealing ring.

Water saving shower head (white)

The Go Green shower head works according to the "turbulent flow" principle and provides a powerful “massage” of more than 8 million water drops per minute. It uses only 4 to 8 liters of water per minute without decreasing the shower comfort! Type:

Hihippo One Touch aerator (spray)

The One Touch is the most advanced water saving aerator on the market.With a touch of your finger you can easily turn the flow of water on and off. It is very hygienic! You don't have to touch the faucet to operate it.Type:spray water stream,M24.

Hihippo adjustable aerator (normal)

With the adjustable aerator you don't have to commit yourself to a fix flow rate aerator.You can freely change the maximum flow rate of your faucet depending on your changing habits or the place of installation!Type:normal water stream,male thread

Water saving faucet and shower filter

A water saving faucet and shower filter reduces the water flow by about 30%. Its installation is easy. Place the tap filter above the aerator, place the faucet filter between the shower hose and head. Package includes: 2 faucet, 1 shower filter